Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Charlie and the Chatter Factory

Sheen on Cam
While it's not exactly clear WHY Charlie Sheen went all Joaquin Phoenix this week, it sure has been a hoot. Personally, I haven't found him this fascinating since his turn in Platoon helped turned me on to real Vietnam literature (And a Hard Rain Fell, Chickenhawk, The Things They Carried). Since then he and the rest of the Estevezes been off my radar (I didn't watch West Wing, Two and a Half Men or whatever public service announcement Emilio directed lately). Soooo, you can imagine my shock when he popped up in my periphery, looking gaunt, haunted and blurting out assertions far funnier than the zingers slung on his top-rated sitcom. (My favorite: "I don't have burnout in my gearbox.") Who knew the dude talked like Ron Burgundy? Not me, but then again I've never been very close to the white-hot God light that is His Sheenery. The same can't be said for freelance cameraman Jose Hernandez, Jr., who, moments after Charlie appeared LIVE(!) on Wednesday morning's Today Show, posted this picture of himself at the scene of all that slime.

Are we in the media straight-up enablers? Or merely man-boy voyeurs? I'm guessing both but then again the last Hollywood nut-job I pointed a camera at was Paul Abdul and even she didn't threaten to 'love me violently'. Would have been nice, though.

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turdpolisher said...

Miss Gail will love you whichever way you want her too. Just don't tell the missus.