Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Guts and Bolts

What's in the box?!?!
Tonight on CSI:Somewhere, a pox falls over the Greater Metro's Upper Heartland as a routine news story about an old warehouse leads to grisly discovery. Someone’s offing city officials and unless ‘Slinger and the Brain soon find out who, the next three months of newscasts will run OUT of groundbreakings, ribbon-cuttings and the occasional closed door kerfuffle. Can the surly duo put their differences aside and catch the killer? Or will wisecracking producers have to log off their Facebook accounts long enough to re-write their b-blocks? Car lot spots hang in the balance as the market’s third most popular news crew chase a mysterious figure up a rickety transmitter tire, only to watch him plummet to his death. Did he slip? Was he pushed? Or did the killer simply give up after a certain photog, enraged after missing a week of lunch breaks, berated him with the kind of language normally reserved for prison yards, warships and journalistic circles? Listener Discretion Advised.

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in-gun-ear said...

I know what "rickety" is. I know what a "transmitter" is. I even know what a "tire" is. But what the hell is a "rickety transmitter tire?"

Did I miss something?