Thursday, February 17, 2011

Banksy, He Ain't

Who's shooting who?
Sooo, let me get this straight: 'Banksy', the super-secretive British graffiti artist is actually West Coast photog Sean Browning? Really? I mean, I KNEW the guy was sketchy - but a world famous master of illicit street art? Where does he find the time? Hell, I can barely eek out a handful of blog posts each week, let alone skulk about some darkened alleyway with a can of spray paint and a sense of entitlement. Hmmmm, I guess it kinda make sense. After all, 'Banksy' DID direct a documentary that got nominated for an Oscar and recently he freaked out the powdered wigs at the Academy with plans of crashing their televised ceremonies while wearing a monkey mask - but now you're telling me he's a local news shooter too? Man, that is just SICK! Hmmm? Browning AIN'T Banksy? He's just posing by the latest unwanted masterpiece all back-lit like Batman? PHEW! For a moment there I thought I was gonna have to wing my way to Westwood and stage some kind of lenslinger intervention. Or at the very least blackmail him for every spare camera battery he's got. Instead, I'll stay right here and vouch for his character - should any errant gumshoes want to make a name for themselves by unmasking the artistic cad. Naaah, Sean's good people: a second generation newsman with TV embedded in his DNA and some really cute kids at home. Just do me a favor if and when you see him...

Check his pockets.

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