Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Willard and The Kid

Willard Cam
Sure, you got a Western-themed Willard Scott on the verge of his millionth free meal, but for all those seasoned lenslingers out there, this is a shot of technology lost. Just ask Mike Borland. He's the strapping young shooter in the corner there, the one so lovingly wrapped around that rusting-edge gear. Actually, it was pretty radical at the time. Just check out that Sony industrial with the sweet pistol grip. And that bag? He ain't goin' to the gym later. Not when he's spent the day schlepping a top-heavy cyclops on one shoulder and a VCR from the set of 'Mannix' on the other. Technically, it's a BVU-110 - but you can think of it as a straight-up hip-killa. It clicks! It whirs! It throws you off balance when you're stalking hammy weathermen! Speaking of ham, I sure hope Mike got something to eat before Willard upended that buffet. How else he gonna live to be a hundred?

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