Thursday, January 27, 2011

Schmuck Alert: Memphis Melee

Photog Down
You know, nothing sucks the fun out of a Schmuck Alert like video of an injured colleague. Nonetheless, we here at The Lenslinger Institute have been gravely reviewing the stretcher-side soundbites of one Mike Moore, an award winning photographer/producer working out of Memphis, Tennessee. Seems he and FOX13 reporter Lauren Johnson were working on a story about boys and teen pregnancy Wednesday night when a passing group of youth embraced barbarity. That's a fancy way of saying a bunch of young thugs attacked Moore, pelting him from eventually every angle...
"One kid would draw my attention and before I knew it, it was like kids hitting me from every side and I don't know where the hits are coming from..."
Moore sought care at Methodist Central Hospital being released. Memphis Police charged two teens with Simple Assault and Vandalism over $500. The accused duo are students at Northwest Prep Academy, an alternative school for kids with behavioral issues, where apparently these reprobates are earning their keep. Hmmm, with Emmys and years of experience under his belt, Mike Moore sounds like the kind of guy any troubled young student could learn a lot from. Instead, you attacked him for seemingly no reason. Schmucks!

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Brenda Bowers said...

I read newspapers from all over the world so I know this type of thing is happening all around the world. Attacks for no reason at all except for the brutality. And the attacks are coming from young people which bothers me the most. these aren't gangs but just what we would call ordinary kids going mad. Mad dogs we shoot; what do we do with mad kids? BB