Monday, January 24, 2011

On the Down-Low

On the Down-low
For folks who like to brag about that growth on our shoulders, we 'slingers sure do like to set the cameras down. Especially if there's a reflection involved. See, foreground is hardly an afterthought when you look at life through a tube. You seek it out wherever you go, hoping that a little added perspective will keep your viewers at least halfway glued to their screens. As for your screen, it's a one inch square shimmering in the distance, a scratched-up palette that can absorb sorrow and bombast in the very same frame, a humble enough platform that, when pointed in the right direction, can spark a revolution. Or at the very least freak out everybody at the VD clinic. Yes, it's a powerful tool and a heavy one to boot. Is it any mystery we occasionally set the thing down and let the ground choose the next shot? Michael Humphries did and on that hot August day in South Texas, it was probably his wisest course of action. At least he wasn't waxing poetically over a raw sewage spill while dressed in a tie and action-slacks...

That would be awkward.

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