Sunday, November 21, 2010

Schmuck Alert: Silent But Stupid

Hothead Coach 2.0
Audio be damned, I'm calling this one on looks alone. I mean, really, get a load of this guy! The beady eyes, the glowering scowl, that overly bowed-up posture... who wants to bet he's got a shiny Corvette waiting for him in the parking lot? But that's not fair... I don't even know the dude. Until now. For when Nebraska Defensive Coordinator Carl Pelini honed in on photog Brandon Jones, he clearly appeared on the Lenslinger Institute's internal radar and earned himself the right to be called a Schmuck on and off the field. Even if the evidence isn't entirely conclusive...

It happened Saturday, moments after Texas A&M handed Nebraska their cornhusked ass. The score was 9-6, but judging from judging from some folks' reaction, it was a crippling defeat. Not for Brandon Jones, though. He took to the field with a fancycam of sorts. As co-owner of, he was out to capture all the post-game action for his website. Boy, did he! No sonner had he made it about mid-field, Jones captured footage of little man Carl Pelini seemingly berating a man. I say 'seemingly' because Mr. Jones neglected to attach the microphone before running onto the field. Thus, everything he recorded from then on out was devoid of noise. Silent. Nada audio. Hey, it happens.

What followed is a classic case of pantomimed testosterone. Little Carl notices the opponent's camera pointing his way. Turning on the proverbial dime, the Defensive Coordinator makes a bee-line for the lens, with straight up offense in his eyes. At this point, cameraman Jones makes another tactical error: He lowers the camera to his side. Thus, the alleged attack was not properly documented. All we see is a jostling as the frame goes out of focus. According to Jones, though, what happened next was clearly uncool.

“There’s this awkward moment where we’re eye-to-eye with each other,” Jones told me. “And I say, ‘What are you doing?’

It was then Jones claimed the diminutive coach tried to wrestle the camera from his grip. Not able to best the absent-minded cameraman, Lil Carl then breaks the eyepiece in several pieces, throws them into the surrounding crowd and storms off (no doubt to berate the nearest waterboy for some imagined slight). The viedo - while strikingly quiet - is avail;able on the web in glorious slow-mo.

I've watched it several times now and have come away rather convinced it happened just the way Brandon Jones said it did. There's simply no other explanation. Neither is there any good reason for an almost fully-grown man in a polyester uniform to act like such a child. A pox on you, Carl Pelini. You took a simple loss on the gridiron and turned it into a showcase of your own shortcomings. Is that what you teach all those corn-fed youth? No wonder you lost.



cyndy green said...

1. No mike - no sound. Hey, wait. Isn't there an ON-BOARD mike? Hmmmm...
2. So you want to defuse the situation and you lower the camera...well, keep it pointing at the schmutz and bring it up the second you sense trouble...which should have been the second he came at you. The camera is your defense in court. (It also makes a pretty nifty billy club, but enough of that.)
Had something similar happen eons ago...was shooting on what I thought was a public road (turned out to belong to the farmer) and had camera on tripod when said farmer bum-rushed me and tossed the camera and tripod into a canal. His attack out-trumped the ensuing trespassing charges (and I would have hastily departed had he even mentioned he owned the road). But it was all caught on tape...him running up, me saying hello, we're with Channel 13 news and then the heave and toss. Fortunately it was 100+ that day and an engineer and I streeetttchhed the tape out in the parking lot and let it air/sun dry.

Mainstreet said...

Theres no way an apology would suffice. This amounts to assult and he needs to be charged. If enough of these pampered over paid cry babies spend the night in the gray bar hotel, word will get around to leave the photogs alone. THIS kinda crap is one reason I carry a stun gun. I would have scorched his butt in a second. Those in "power" seem to think an apology will fix everything. Maybe he should have thought about his actions BEFORE he acted. This is exactly the attitude that most pro and college sports people have, they think they can get away with anything cause they got game.