Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lips of a Hippo

Holy Halitosis! In all my time wandering the North Carolina Zoo, I’ve not peered into an abyss quite like this. But then, a pudgy river horse in need of a breath mint is just one of countless smells you’ll inhale when you walk around with a camera on your shoulder. Keep the pistol-grip; my fancy-cam needs a face-mask. Maybe then I wouldn’t gag the next time I stick my lens into something unsavory. Sure could have used a gadget like that when I...

...took a walking tour of a kiddie cough syrup factory. Hey, I’m all for making medicine taste better, but the sickeningly sweet synthetic hex that fell upon that place sure made me rethink my next Cherry Pop-Tart. Just sayin’.

...shot my last umpteenth feature at the animal shelter. As much respect as I have for the people and beasts within, I gotta say, that place stinks. You get used to it quick, but whenever I first pull up to the place, I french-kiss the air conditioning vent.

...stumbled across a flooded chicken house. It had been a week since Hurricane Floyd had passed when Bill Sherck and I happened upon what can only be described as a Grade-A poultry concentration camp. The low narrow barns had been submerged for DAYS. The water-logged fowl within baked in the midday sun. Foul, indeed.

...followed an uproarious team into an ECU football locker room. The mighty Pirates had just rolled over their opponent and it was my job to capture the clamor. That I did though the ‘Funkifus Musticus’ wafting through that gladiator gathering bested anything I smelt at sea.

And that’s saying something. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go floss my nostrils.


Roch101 said...

Yikes! You are looking like a tasty snack, I'm thinking.

Miami Fan said...

Awesome picture!
That's a keeper.
The words that went with it?