Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wild Goat Chase

Hippy Hippy Shake

A lot of reporters I know wouldn't grab the camera if their photog got sucked into the belly of a spaceship. Not Bob Buckley. No sooner had I wandered back to the car today when El Ocho's seen-yore reporter grabbed my rig and got all bent. Look at that form! Knees relaxed, lens low, fingers all a tingle ... a classic cameraman crouch. Of course, most news shooters would rather their partners keep all paws off the axe, but for this erudite explainer of all things esoteric, I'll make an exception. After all, I've know him since he was 'Bob Buckley, BIG BOARD SPORTS!'; I've dodged flying stop-signs while he waxed poetic on Mother Nature's wrath; Hell, I even drove him over the Tennessee mountains once without ever tossing his wretched Van Morrison CD's off a single scenic overlook. After all THAT, what's a little grab-glass between friends? Or even longtime co-workers? Don't answer, just know that as I watched Bob close in on his favorite goat (don't ask), one thing occurred to me...

'He's gonna write to this...'


Horonto said...

Mr P

What type of camera are you slinging these days?

The kodak at the end of Mr Buckley's arm does not appear to be an XDcam.

Lenslinger said...

XD it is not. El OCho traded their beloved Sony's for the JVC 700 HD cameras, as seen in the previous post. Smaller, less of a lens, toy-like at times. Still making good television with it.

Horonto said...

We stil shoot on SX. Word is that who knows which way we ar going when we replace our 300 plus field units. X-3's, 50 MB HDXD cameras, the JVC 700's.

Last tem it was between the SX formant and DVC Pro 50. We were glad the SX was chosen.

ALso discussion on depending what kind of cameraman/woman you are you could wind up with a different camera. X-3's for news, HDXD'a for the high end production shootings and The HVC's some where in between

My late farther the carpenter said it's not the tool it's the craftsman.

My dad though always had great tools.

Anonymous said...

Horonto: "My late farther the carpenter said it's not the tool it's the craftsman."

True statement.
The quality of former-reporters-NOW-multi-media-journalists' video is heartbreaking most times. Even seeing the "FULL AUTO" button makes me throw up in my throat.
They are using X3's. Us old, photogs-NOW-motor pool mechanics-editors use the 350's. I haven't shot & edited a PKG in 4 weeks! Very discouraging.