Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SOT in the Dark

I don't know who John Hanley is, but I want him to follow me around with a camera. Maybe then I'd have such a striking workplace portrait as young Jeremy Cohn, Ontario photog and friend of the blog. I mean, LOOK at it: the red and blue strobes, the jaunty thrust of the microphone, the silent knowledge that whatever Toronto Police Sergeant Glen George is sharing with our young friend is totally devoid of emotion, detail or color. You can't get that kind of detail with an iPhone! Or can you? I'm still using chapstick and a 20 year old Etch-A-Sketch to capture all my images and that's NOT just because I'm on vacation - which I am. Now if you'll excuse me, the Bourbon is kicking in and I really have no business operating such heavy machinery as this antique laptop... After all, I could spill my drink.

(Oh yeah, Photo by John Hanley)


Anonymous said...

Jeremy is an overnite shooter for my station and makes my life easy as the crime reporter! What a young star. John hanley is also terrific. He shoots stills and video. Great to see young talent like these two in the biz!

Tom Stefanac said...

That's a great shot of Jeremy. John Hanley is a part-time staff ENG news camera who also works as a freelance photographer. He has some excellent photographs of a number of the overnight and day shift camera guys out there.

He would probably follow anyone around but I am sure he would do so for a nice price haha.

Great blog!