Sunday, July 18, 2010

Polyester News Gods

...In this rarely scene publicity still from the movie Anchorman, two extras are seen preparing for the famous news crew street fight scene. The two initially made it in the the film's final cut, but were edited out at the last minute by worried producers, who felt the costumes and equipment were simply too ludicrous to be believed even in an irreverent period romp...
What's that? It's NOT a behind the scenes snapshot from that overrated Ferrell flick? It's an actual photograph from 1975? Featuring folks still vibrant enough to wax my keister should I offend them with my mockery and nonsense? Why didn't you say so?
...In this recently shared artifact, KPRC reporter Alan Parcell and photographer Ken Cockcroft move in on a SWAT Team situation in a Texas neighborhood. Not only were the pair rocking the latest in polyester hotness, Cockcroft was sporting a state-of-the-art Ikegami HL-33, the first ENG rig in Houston capable of live TV. With its single silver cell battery, attractive backpack and 3/4" u-matic tape recorder, this "Handie-Lookie" was pure poetry in motion - give or take a hernia or two. As for the drag on those trousers, Cockcroft admits they, like the sixty pound 'mini-cam', were a product of the times...

"The wind load on those pants was's a good thing the camera outfit was heavy."

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