Sunday, July 18, 2010

Felt at Eleven

As one who props up hair-do's for a living, I'm a major proponent of puppets in the news. Trouble is, most of them refuse to perform without a hand up their ass. Maybe that's why I'm such a fan of Ted, the rising CNN iReporter with the lime green complexion and delightful British accent. Recently, the little guy was spotted working the crowd outside a Manhattan structure fire. Though primarily an entertainment reporter, Ted effortlessly blends into the citizenry, questions a few looky-loo's and gathers the facts - without ever once showboating like that bitter cur Triumph. Come to think of it, Ted (and/or his handler) is pretty damn disarming for a guy with a fuzzy red nose and horrendous under-bite. He even charms a fellow newsie - a hard-nosed photog who never once scoffs at being questioned by a Sesame Street cast-off. Yes, with chops like that and charisma to boot, I think we know who should really be replacing Larry King.

Just think of the Muppets he could book...

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