Sunday, June 27, 2010

Last Action Hero

Nooo, it's not another vacation slide. It IS however the latest day at the office for lenslinger at large Council Bradshaw. Seems El Ocho's favorite expatriate is keeping busy enough with his slicker than thou production firm, dejaviewmedia. Recently he was even spotted in Oregon, hanging off the back of a new John Deere Gator and no doubt getting paid for it. The nerve of that guy, succeeding in a lens-centric arena that doesn't involve live trucks. I knew I should have stayed in Promotions. Maybe then, I'D be the one hanging on for dear life as two wiser souls strapped into a mini-jeep and commenced to slingin' nasties. Hey, I've seen just as many Dukes of Hazzard episodes as Council and I ain't even got a promising rock band to gum up the works. Still, the former longhair looks good there back behind the lens. I especially like how the driver and passenger are wearing helmets, while my former mentor is rocking little more than a hunter-orange ballcap. It's probably got some cool logo on it too, kinda like the one he made me wear the day I tumbled into the drink. Oh well, I wish him only the safest of returns , for knowing Council like I do, the only thing he'd do if that Gator did stop suddenly is clear the rollbar and land on his feet - maybe take home an Emmy for his efforts...

Dude's annoying like that.

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Council said...

Hey Stew I made it back safe and unscathed. A little weary and tired but nothing a good nights sleep won't cure. Thanks for the shout out and props, I don't think I've ever been blogged before. Take care and I hope our paths cross sooner than later. Peace.