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Monday, April 26, 2010

Under the Thumb

In this little scene sequel to Over the Top, Sly's brother Frank stars as a struggling trucker's half-cousin bent on world forearm domination. All goes well for the monosyllabic Stallone until an especially grisly bone break at an Ohio tournament becomes a YouTube sensation. From their the picture devolves into standard buddy-fare as Frank and the young photog who made his famous embark on a cross-country dump-truck chase. An unbilled Cloris Leachman collects a paycheck in the third act as the Ghost of Ma Barker. (Don't ask.) Unrated. Straight to Cable. Panned for its many musical numbers and slow-motion knuckle explosions. 89 minutes - give or take a dance sequence...

(Photo by David Heasley. Special Thanks to ColumbusCameraOp)

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