Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Fitting Tribute

John Billingsley Photog! from Leighton Grant on Vimeo.

I did not know John Billingsley, but by all accounts the 27 year old Rutherford County native was a funny and enthusiastic member of the news-gathering community. His sudden death in Charlotte this weekend has left his colleagues at WLOS reeling from the loss of someone so young and they've honored John's legacy with the kind of tributes once saved for only anchors. Of those living memorials, my favorite is the one pieced together by his fellow photogs. It speaks not only to the spirit of their young friend but also to the reasons anyone would want such an odd job as ours in the first place. Rest In Peace, John Billingsley.


Oreo said...

Woah... He fell 15 floors down an air shaft? Who thinks that's gonna happen when we're on a roof?

I gotta say, though, that they could have written that intro a little bit better. After saying that he fell 15 floors, they mentioned his 'impact on the community.' A poor choice of words, IMO.

Sad but confused and curious said...

Very creative and, yes, a nice tribute.
The last line about him living the rest of his life in the market. Well, he did!

Would someone please explain how the accident happened other than "he fell down an airshaft". Was he working? Was he fooling around? Was it a case of negligence on the part of others? It's a key part of the story that everyone seems to want to avoid. Why?

Bill said...

color me a bit confused as well, was he working when he fell? tryin get a shot? the story (not yours but News13 was a little short on facts, like some of the W's and the H. Especially when one bit says 'no telling how many people he could have saved." was that a clip from one of his pieces, or about him, and how could he have saved people. I'm going to venture a guess that he was a local volunteer firefighter and died in the line of duty.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I shot and edited this story that Stuart has so nicely put on his site. You are wrong. Just plain wrong! Please watch the story again and if you can't figure out it's point then, I am just real sorry for you, VERY SORRY FOR YOU!

Anonymous said...

This article explains just a little more about what happened...


Very sad story no matter what happened. From all accounts he was a very well liked and talented individual. My condolences go out to his family, friends and co-workers.