Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hills on the Grill

You know the scariest thing about this photo? Dude's shoes. Few photogs rock a flip-flop on the job, mostly because tripods like to step on your feet. So when I stumbled across this most recent beFrank masterpiece, it was the gentleman's decision to go open-toed that troubled me the most. No pro wades into that kind of battle with his toe-knuckles exposed. The fire encroaching on this guy's live shot must be close. to. HOME! West Coast Jedi Bryan Frank confirmed my stirrings...
Jeff Mailes is one of my fellow photographers...They had a small fire going on up there and it was just ever so slowly creeping towards the populated parts of the area... It was exciting and then boring and then it got exciting again. Like a movie, but with the added risk of people actually losing their homes and all their worldly possessions in a blazing hellish inferno.

Also, somebody baked cookies. Now that's so much more friendlier than what we can usually expect. I kept asking Jeff if he'd like to turn the sprinklers on us.

I wouldn't have minded.
What neighbor would have?

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