Saturday, July 25, 2009

Six in a Pickle

Leave it to JL to jolt me from my doldrums. In his latest menagerie, the self-admitted timelord leads a vantastic voyage of cosmic scale and deadlines lost, one in which his tiny broadcast talisman lurches for purchase on a peyote-strewn surface before slipping into another dimension. Another Dimension? Dwarfed by a world that defies team smotherage, the plucky news truck misses live shots and deadlines before achieving what can only be described as the prickliest of vistas. By juxtaposing the risk and reward of such otherworldly remotes, the artist otherwise known as Little Lost Robot illustrates the inner struggle of electronic interlopers everywhere.

That, or dude's just takin' pictures of his toys again. I can never decide.


Amanda Emily said...

hahah, JL - I actually have the entire set of those SNG vans, including the crew.

(I have strange friends who gave me the oddest things due to uh, a prior employer)

Duff said...

I had a nightmare that was EXACTLY the same scenario! Not that I was in the van, but that I lost my toy in a cactus patch. I woke up screaming.