Sunday, July 12, 2009

Before the Swarm

What little I know about Australia has been gleaned from repeated viewings of Crocodile Dundee and making this guy tell me about Survivor: Outback. In short, I'm not UP on all that's Down Under. But I do know scrums, the power of amassed glass and the intrinsic whims of lenslingers. That's why the above shot by Aussie photog 'Widescreen' needs no explanation... Obviously, some dog and wallaby show was mere moments away, giving this grizzled assemblage just enough time to swap alibis, question each others' lineage and trade tips on where to eat when this particular cluster is done. At least that's how we do it in the States. I for one learned much of what I still remember about newsgathering from these impromptu summits. What judge to avoid when shooting in court, which filter to use inside a crowded school bus, which local ghetto preacher still scored rock ... I can't tell you how much I've discovered in these scared huddles. Of course as soon as the action starts, the lessons are over and whatever mentor I just finished quizzing would gladly body-check me into a prickly hedge if that's what it took to get his shot...

I wonder if they do that in Australia?

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Sydney Shooter said...

I shoot news in Sydney. Pretty much the same over your way as here from the sounds of it!

Except that not only are our hedges prickly, they are also full of venomous snakes, redback spiders crocodiles and killer kangaroos.


Dog and Wallaby show! Haha good one. Either that or the opening of an envelope.