Thursday, June 04, 2009

And a Hard Rain Fell...

Scene of water fatality
It just doesn't pay (actually, it does!) to be ON CALL when 7 plus inches of angry rain turns your town into a toilet bowl. No sooner had I arrived home for the evening when my cell phone exploded into a million frantic voices. What followed was an epic slog through high water and deadlines, capped off by the requisite news-gatherer goofiness. Chances are I'll weigh in later with some analysis. For now I gotta sleepwalk through eight hours of breathless follow-up. Where's a furlough day when you need one?

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Senator's Forum said...


I know the perils of being on call with crazy weather upon you. You hope that the Bat Phone stays slient. In my case they'll just use the spotlight on top of the building, did you know?