Tuesday, May 05, 2009

No Swine Before Its Time

Big Ass BBQ Sandwich 3
Most TV people want their work to begin each newscast. I live to end them. That's why when the suits suggested I investigate a local restaurant's colossal creation, I merely rose from the conference table and left the room. Some crews would scoff at such a frivolous gig. Not me. Not when the alternative assignment may center on kidnapping, collusion, or worse yet, county commissioners. Besides, silly's in my wheelhouse. If you got a house-cat that levitates, a collection of boat anchors or simply a mammoth sammich in need of a name, well, I'm your huckleberry. The resulting piece of TV won't win me anything sparkly for the trophy rack, but chances are it will distract - and in a broadcast chock full of economic apocalypse, that's a good thing... Now if you'll excuse me, I have to knock back this bottle of Drano. What else goes with 12 pounds of pulled-pork?


Anonymous said...

Stew, the shot of the baby made me laugh. I just judged some stories from the Nebraska Photog's Ass. Your story would have taken the feature first place. Everybody knows the E-block is where the art is.

Ken Corn

in-gun-ear said...

"I'm your huckleberry." [19th Century American slang meaning "I'm the perfect man for the job."]

Now there is a good old fashion American colloquialism that you don't hear anymore. Before I heard its utterance by Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in the film "Tombstone" in 1992, it had been years, and as a child, the last time I heard it spoken by some elderly DownEastern relatives who had some first hand knowledge of the later part of the 19th Century.

We have lost the charm of the English language in the last 30 years. It is just amazing how much has fallen into disuse. I am happy to see that someone is keeping a small part of it alive. Go git'em!

Jay Michael said...

Good God Man! LOL

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