Sunday, May 31, 2009

Expedition: Wednesday

Swamp DustSure, you can watch four strangers hack through the wilds of Africa all summer, but when you travel around with a tripod in your trunk, every DAY is an adventure. (Yes, even those endless shifts spent clinging to life at the edge of some City Council meeting.) Blame it on the glass, not the press pass - for the only thing that will get you into more controlled scenarios than a laminated badge around your neck is a pockmarked Sony on your shoulder. Backstage at the Tractor Pull, front row at the Flu Clinic, ringside at the Crown Vic convention: there's damn few places you're not ushered into. Only problem is, you gotta watch it with one eye. For example, have you ever witnessed an implosion? I've been to several, but only seen one - for most often I' m zoomed in on some looky-loo's mug when the building falls down and goes boom.

Still, it beats the view I put on the news, no matter how well I think I may have shot it. So enjoy your couch cushions this summer as pseudo-explorers retrace the path drawn in this intriguing tome. I'll be picking bugs out of my teeth closer to home - as will the rest of the photog nation. That's okay: most of us get antsy after thirty minutes in a newsroom cubicle, yet we'd traipse through a half mile of bayou if that's where the biggest chunks of airplane landed. As for those City Council meetings, not with out a little combat pay. I mean, have you seen the way those crazy bastards treat other? A few more barbs slung at that civics geek and she's gonna go all Lord of the Flies on her crosstown rival over there. Then where will we be? There's only ONE cyanide pill in my light kit...

Get your own.

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