Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cue the Ruminants

I first dragged a camera into the North Carolina Zoo twelve years ago, eager to show my El Ocho elders I could do more than chauffeur ingenues in musty live trucks. Boy, did I score - for you ain't gotta be Spielberg to cop killer footage at a zoo. We're talking hillocks and aviaries, swishing hippos and packs of giddy ten year olds...yes, if your nerves can take it there's easy cinema where the wild things are. Case in point: today's quickie visit to the longneck exhibit. Seems two new arrivals lacked proper monikers and my pal Rod Hackney thought our viewers might like a crack at it. Clearly, this is a job for your friendly neighborhood lenslinger - which is why I followed a giant "L" in the sky all the way to Asheboro. What unfurled won't be shipped off to the Smithsonian, but I'll remember it always as a thoroughly good Thursday. Or at least until I return for a ostrich lobbyist, a flatulent rattlesnake, a polar bear dance-off...

You get the idea.

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Anonymous said...

Great story, love the nat pops with the kids.

As far as the last post, we want more G Lee. We want more G Lee!

Hey, nice dog. Score one for the ladies again.

Ken Corn