Friday, April 10, 2009

Anchorman 2: Road Trip!

Above, the Channel Four News Team hits the road in the follow-up to Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. This time however Will Farrell only makes a fleeting appearance, as much of the action takes place in the scotch-free field. But that doesn't shitcan the hi-jinks! Not with turtlenecked wonder Monte Oliver, swingin' news shooter Lenny Shalopowitz, some nameless female and the ever swaggering Dax Braxton along for the ride. Together these leisure suited Lotharios make their way across a disco-infested heartland as they go live and local across the fruited plain. All goes groovy until a crosstown station launches their own road show, setting up a cross-country rally that ends in a fireball of Winnebago parts and overly decorous belt buckles. Early screening garnered favorable reviews - with only a few critics objecting to the 17 minute fight-scene montage. Soundtrack by Mac Davis - with special appearance by Snoop Dawg. PG-13. In theaters July 4th.

(Thanks and apologies to Sean Browning
and his father David for abiding the desecration of this treasure.)

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Amanda said...

The silly thing is, there really is an Anchorman 2 in production.