Monday, March 30, 2009

The Brothers Welch

Move over, beFrank! Catch a cab, Busse! There's a new shutterbug on the scene and his name adorns grape juice bottles the world over. Actually, I'm not sure Corey Welch gets one thin dime from that jug of Pineapple Orange Apple Cocktail in your fridge, so stop askin'! From all that I can tell, he's a mild-mannered freelance photog out of Rhode Island who's also handy with the stills. Along with his younger brother Ryan, he bags snapshots that trigger flashbacks in this overly wordy camera-nerd. Take the above shot for example, a single frame that floods my frontal lobe with untold memories of late night shootings, inner city stand-offs and the finest in unexpected structure smoke... Yes, with mad camera skills like this, is it any wonder they gave up squeezin' grapes for more honest work?


Corey said...

Thanks Stewart!

By the way... you're right, I'm not gathering any profits from grape squeezing.

beFrank said...

Always room for another camera out on the front lines. Yee-haa! Shoot 'em up!