Wednesday, February 18, 2009


"Dude, when you gonna update your blog?" asked Satellite Dan. "It's getting kinda stale."

"I dunno," I half-muttered. "I'm thinkin' about shutting it down."

"No Hell You Ain't."

Danny's right. I'd no more deactivate this site than I would rip my chin whiskers out one by one. Lately though, this place has been a tad troublesome. A recent browser upgrade has made it harder to log in to Blogger (without first commandeering my 14 year old's laptop. You ever tried to cut a teenager's instant messaging session short? For a straight A student, that girl sure can swing a shiv). Mostly though, I've simply lacked the mojo to look around my skull and describe what I see. Blame the good books I've been reading, the TV shows I don't watch, the amount of hair that sticks to the brush each morning. Whatever the cause, I've no more control over my output than Joaquin Phoenix has over his own runaway beard. Nearly five years into the blog, I know this to be true. Whereas I use to suffer over keeping up the pace, I'm now learning to let it flow when it will and not worry too much when it won't. Understand, we writer types are famously self-involved. Since I can't afford to lock myself in some chamber and marvel at my fingernails, I occasionally have to push back from the beloved keyboard, stand up and shake it off. Oh, and once in a while I hafta talk about eighty-sixing the entire site. I don't really mean it, but having a reader (and a friend) act like he's gonna jump up and crack me in the jaw if I mention it again, always clears my head.

Thanks, Danny.


Joel Leonard said...

Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Only Lenslinger can write an excuse for non production that is Pulitzer worthy with deep emotional, intellectual, philosophical, humorous forays into the human condition that make us regular readers marvel.

Sure wish you had an publicist, perhaps Octamoms former publicist may take up your cause and take your blog primetime on talkshow circuit.

Would love to watch you take on Dr Phil questions- "now what exactly were you thinking while you wrote this?"

And your pithy answers would be priceless and if you got in a jam and couldn't respond= sure that a bribed fellow photog would bail you out with a close up a Dr Phils nasal passages until a pithy response traveled from your cerebellum to your tastebuds.

Well it would be fun to watch you set the record whether it be primetime or via blog. Looking forward to future entries.


Your lowly maintenance evangelist

beFrank said...

Crazy talk I tell ya'! Hit him again!