Monday, February 16, 2009

Fire in the Sky

What DID Eddie Garcia capture with his fancycam? The News 8 Austin videographer was covering a marathon on Sunday when he noticed a - AHEM - fireball in the sky. Ever the professional, he pointed UP and recorded a mysterious image hundreds of other Texans reported seeing. Was it debris from crashing satellites? An optical illusion caused by too many water bottles? The lead starcraft of an alien race bent on our very destruction? Hard to say, but when a TV station photog is quoted in an AP article, worlds are already colliding.

Actually, news photographers - both moving and still - would be excellent emisarries should a higher lifeform decide to come a slummin'. Think about it: We know where all the city leaders hang out, tend to travel with assorted foodstuffs and know how to handle individuals with very large heads. I know if I were looking to conquer a distant civilization, I'd snatch a few good tour guides first. You know, some local handler who knew the streets but didn't really care for his neighbors too much, some schlub who drove around with extra clothes who could point out a greasy spoon or two, a creature with an all-access pass who wouldn't be missed too much if he got sucked into some giant spacecraft's underbelly...

Ya know, I think I may have the makings of a pretty awful Made for TV Movie on my hands here...Any title ideas?

E.T. (Extra Testy?)

Morose Encounters of the Third Kind?

Men in Black (Moods?)

Bueller? Anybody?

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