Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Epiphany Not Included

There's not a lot I can say about this photograph by the great Bryan Frank besides the obligatory "Damn, LOOK at that shot!" Ya know, it's just the kind of image that got me all hot and bothered about news in the first place and- after all these years - one that reminds me how very cool it is to sling a lens for a living. Strip away the tripe, the bad actors, the tea-leaf interpretation that is the overnight ratings game and you have a dying profession I'm still quite proud to be a part of.

In theory, anyway.


Joel Leonard said...

As a new producer in the online TV world, I really do appreciate the skills utilized by the pros.

We just uploaded lots of the SkillTV collection to YouTube.

And keep up the fine work and despite the trends to the contrary there will always be opportunities for true professionals like yourself.

Keep the faith!

Oreo said...

I find myself longing for the feel of the heavy glass in my hands. I'm still not in the mood for teevee nooz, but some sports or concert work would be fine. I might even do a wedding if one were to throw itself my way.

beFrank said...

Thanks. As always, I appreciate the shout out.

Cool shots?

My blog address didn't come from a self assessment of my own still photography skills. It clicked for me because if you're interested at all in life on this planet, being a news photographer gives you a front row seat.

Sometimes it's a hell of a view and really there's nothing for me to do except press the button.