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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stories Your Only Reward

firedog 2
WANTED:Semi-rugged individuals for overland camera portage. Low Wages. Guaranteed Fatigue. Career Longevity Doubtful. Applicants should thrive on deadline and abhor flourescent light. Cynicism a Plus. Contortionism a Must. Some Stunt-Driving Required. Upper Body Strength Essential. Thousand Yard Stare Optional. Casual Dress...Intense Points of View. Burnout Virtually Assured. Those interested should proceed immediately to their nearest TV newsroom and act as if the place is making them crazy. Wearers of Sweater-Vests NEED NOT APPLY.

(Dip of the lens to Dave Malkoff for another amazing photo.)

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cyndy green said...

Hey - I wear sweater vests (now)!