Sunday, November 16, 2008

Under the Smother of Coverage

While I've been locked away in Lenslinger Central, my West Coast brethren have been pointing lenses at a monster. How else to describe the combined fires that have razed more than 20,000 acres in southern California since Thursday? High winds and human error are no doubt to blame, but none of that really matters when your homeland goes up in flames. Those far enough away from the flames have no doubt been glued to the tube as news crews have scramble up overlooks to watch swirling plumes turn swank enclaves to cinders. That's a weekend of Overtime everyone could have done without - including reporter Dave Malkoff, who like beFrank and a certain R. Busse, is capturing stunning stills amid the smother of coverage. Here's hoping they all get back to chasing trollops and starlets very, very soon...

(PICTURED: Ken Kohler, Freeway Complex Fire Chino Hills, CA)

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