Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hands Off the Android!

While I claw my way out of this malaise, check out the latest from a photog who never seems to get down. JL Watkins has worked his last day at WYFF. Seems the man-child known as Little Lost Robot is following his more conventional half to Houston where she'll helm another newsroom (when she's not busy explaining her kooky husband). Before he left however, Robot left us photographic evidence of just how they get down in the lesser of the Carolinas. Apparently, they "jump-out" the offending lenser, de-vesting the pooor bastard and very possibly driving him to the state line. Interesting. When someone leaves El Ocho we usually just take them to lunch, maybe give 'em a card. Then - when they're gone - we gather around their locker, talk maximum smack about their lack of shooting skills, then promptly pillage their gear. Not the 'bot. By now, he's probably rid himself of whatever Carolina accent he picked up and is busily reinventing himself. I can't wait to see what on Earth he'll resurface as. I'd be surprised if it were merely as a photog, though. Dude belongs in FRONT of the camera. Hell, he needs his own reality show.

As for me, well - I'm feeling better already...

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Anonymous said...

the robot needs his own dicovery
or science channel show

punky cameraman

and the look on hendons face is