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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Adam in '08

Adam Butler at the RNC Convention
Sarah Palin may be geting all the groovy close-ups at the Republican National Convention, but I've been straining MY eyes looking for one Adam Butler. He's there somewhere - hoisting a lens for News Channel 14 and cracking wise at every opportunity. That's Adam. Actually, I barely know the dude. The one time we did meet I was six imported beers into my 40th birthday celebration and the thrash metal funk band desecrating the Blues Bar we were in rendered nuanced conversation pretty much impossible. Still, Adam's every other word thoroughly cracked me up - as I suspect it does a lot of people. Since then, I've closely monitored his own blog (which, contrary to its title, does NOT suck) and only wished he posted more often. Little did I know it would take global politics to really get him going. Boy, has it. Since first touching down in Minnesota, he's filed his own reports from the convention floor - not to mention a few Twin City pubs (That's Adam). I'm just hoping he doesn't clam up again once he gets back to Charlotte. If he does, I may very well have to jump on I-85 and hunt him down. All I'll have to do is ask for the photog with the endless one-liners, the encyclopedic knowledge of Queen City watering holes and the two thumbs permanently thrust upward. That's Adam.

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Anonymous said...

dude, don't be that guy...
News 14 Carolina.