Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Soul to Soul

For a non-guitar player, I'm pretty fanatical about the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Maybe that's because he saved me from buying into the New British Invasion of the 1980's. While my classmates thrilled to the spangly swagger Duran Duran, I fell under the spell of one Guitar Hurricane. Possessing brute strength, ethereal finesse and the kind of tone that makes lead guitarists weep, Stevie singlehandedly changed the course of my musical journey. His love for the Masters, coupled with Hendrixian energy, opened the eyes of many a young white neophyte when it came to the Electric Blues. Though he died tragically eighteen years ago today, his music and message continues to shape my tastes: from the Albert King CD's in my news unit to the title of this very blog. I used to say I wanted to write stories the way Stevie played guitar. I'll never come close, but his career and canon do continue to provide a soundtrack for my interior monologue. So bear with me as I pay tribute to my guitar hero with a few paltry words and an encore performance of Texas Flood. Here's hoping you have an artist who speaks to you, who enflames your imagination and soul no matter how many times you've heard it all before. Life's too short to go 'round uninspired...


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Has it been 18 years?

Man. I attended his final concert at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. Amazing show. Left there with a good buzz, and feeling great. Worst day of my young life the following morning to learn he died in a chopper crash.

I had heard stories that Eric Clapton (who also performed that night) was to be on that chopper, but a change in plans led to SRV boarding it.

Thanks for reminding me of the anniversary of his passing. SRV ruled in ways many will never understand.