Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Schmuck Alert: Dimwitted in Denver

With so many souls and lenses squeezed into Denver, it was inevitable that a few schmucks would surface. Since my aversion to political pageantry precludes me from submitting a comprehensive list, two cases do come to mind:

I like cops. My favorite blog of the moment is written by one. But it's hard to pony up a donation for the Policeman's Ball after watching a couple of Denver officers rough up an ABC producer. To be fair, Asa Eslocker was standing on a public sidewalk. Hey, they may allow that kind of thing in Manhattan, but such scofflaws won't be tolerated in the Mile High City. Why else would officers shove Eslocker into oncoming traffic - curse, threaten and eventually wrestle him into custody? Was he peddling dope to passing hippies? Distributing Obama's hotel room number? Preparing to change into Borat's bikini bottom? No... he and a crew were taking pictures of Democratic Senators and their powerful donor pals as they left a swanky hotel. Guess he had it comin', after all...

In what may be the stupidest blog post I've ever read (that's saying a lot), Kevin Puppos of Colorado Indymedia is urging protestors to block the media's satellite dishes with homemade signs made of aluminum foil (how better to promote Freedom of Speech?). Not only would such a tactic incur the wrath of burly truck ops, but deflecting the path of said dish transmission might very well fry your insides. Depending on just how much you hate FOX News, it really doesn't seem worth it. Of course, we media jackals have made great hay of such an assinine suggestion, with some offering to give the Great Unwashed a boost on their way to sterilization. Me - I don't want to see anyone get hurt. More importantly, I don't want to smell all that Patchouli Oil and body musk sizzling in the midday sun.

Say it with me ... Schmucks!


Anonymous said...

an unlawful, lawful order.
there should be a special place in
hell for cops who twist and pervert
the law they were trained to enforce.


would an aluminum foil ballon work on that sat truck? :O

punky cameraman

Senator's Forum said...

So many schmucks, so little time.

Henry Cate said...

You can contact the Denver Major and City Council. Details are here:

If you find this objectionable, tell them.

Duff said...

Schmucks, the whole lot o' em! I'd love to see a crew of hippies try to block a sat dish signal. It'd probably make for a better story than whatever it is that I'm there to peddle anyway.