Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ron Burgundy’s Photog

Leisure Suited Lenslinger
Sure, you’ve feathered back those sideburns and that groovy sweater really showcases your butterfly collars - but if you’re ever going to be The Man down at the discotheque , you’ve gotta get yourself some heavy glass. The Chromavue 550 is just that - HEAVY! With its sleek backpack recorder and unique handheld styling, this is one mini-cam that’ll hit it Big with those foxes over at Studio 54. But don’t wait! The Bicentennial is just around the corner and you want to be ready when all the ladies in your life start sporting those red white and blue tube-tops. So boogie on down to Stan’s Camera Shack and do yourself a solid with this sexy hunk of space-age technology. As futuristic as those Planet of the Apes movies, as timeless as that avocado green fondue set you just bought, the Chromavue 550 will wear a groove in your shoulder that’ll tell everyone you’re out of sight! (Aqua-Velva not Included.)


turdpolisher said...

the birth of the babycam?

Adam Butler said...

I thought Seth Rogen was Ron Burgundy's photog.