Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bulls on Parade

ATV OrgyWas a time I floated from one kicker to the next, turning opera camps, trapped kittens and tattooed grannnies into the kind of show-ending fare that makes weather bunnies tinkle as the houselights fade. It. Was. Great. These days however, I often find myself strapped in the back of some smelly live truck, twisting happenstance into cinema as my partner for the day puts on her face. So when the suits handed me a fax about some local ATV training, I popped the paper in my mouth and promptly swallowed the evidence. Then I raced like an L.A. stringer to a nearby farm, where cops, paramedics and one portly fire chief slung dirt-track nasties in the name of vehicular safety. Ya know, it's hard to shoot video when you're busy thanking the News Gods for throwin' you a bone. As for the resulting televison, ehh - but the few hours of my Friday I spent shooting, writting and editing it were practically sublime.

Can't get that in the A-Block...

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