Monday, July 14, 2008

Who Cut the Cheese?

Who cut the cheese?Hey, ever wonder what it's like backstage at a pimento cheese factory? Me neither - but when your bosses order profiles of locally made products, you quietly thank God you don't live in the colostomy bag capital. Then you get busy. That's what Chad Tucker and I did a few weeks back when we gladly donned hairnets for a peek into the world of processed sandwich spreads. Sure, it's dizzying. But like grizzled crime scene detectives stepping over a stiffening corpse, we looked past the surface for the story within. We found it - with the help of a little family history that really helped garnish all those curds and whey. The resulting cheese-heavy epic won't change any lives, but I for one will never pass through my local dairy aisle without extending a knowing nod to all those little yellow canisters. I'll start worrying when they nod back.

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