Monday, July 14, 2008

News Crew Insouciance

News Crew Face Off
I don’t know that Bill O’Neil and Doug Miller were having any kind of argument at all, but were I one of those cable news body language experts I’d make up some gibberish about the ‘confrontational cant’ of the photog’s posture; head defiantly cocked, his calloused hand on well-worn hip. From there, I’d segue into some spiel about the reporter’s icy stare, explain the disdain of his clenched hands and the animosity of his upper lip. But in reality they could have been discussing dinner plans, for all I know. It was around six in the evening, and the sound of my own live truck’s generator drowned out their verbal exchange. Still, you gotta give it up to O’Neil for that contemptible grimace. Dude could stare holes through battleship armor... Did I mention I like to work alone?

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Anonymous said...

I had access to a hidden mike...

"Yeah, I just crapped myself. So what!"