Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Never at Dusk

Sunset Beach 08 Halfway through our sand-filled sabbatical, and I'm running dangerously low on angst. Maybe it's because I haven't worn sensible shoes in half a fortnight. Maybe it's because my biggest tactical decision has been when to flip the steaks. Maybe it's because of the freewheeling conversations I've had with my kids. Maybe it's because occupational frustrations tend to dissolve in saltwater. Maybe it's just the Maker's Mark. Whatever the reason, your normally coiled cameraman is only a notch or two above comatose. Personally, I blame the location.

Sunset Beach 08 Stew and ShellyBy far the quietest of Brunswick County's three barrier islands, Sunset Beach is delightfully sequestered. To even get on the place, vacationers have to drive over a single lane pontoon bridge, one of - if not the - last of its kind still standing. That rickety treasure will soon be replaced by a concrete abomination, but for now travelers still thrill to its every staggered crossing and curse it when they have to pee. Once on the island however, suburban fanilies quickly find a lack of fast food places, a dearth of urban sprawl and an overwhelming absence of hassle. You might say there's nothing to do.

Sunset Beach 08 025Which is exactly why families from up and down the East Coast seek it out. Unlike nearby Myrtle Beach - that wretched hive of tattoo parlors, trinket emporiums and cheesy theaters, it's a challenge to catch the clap at Sunset Beach. Sure, someone has - but most seven day inhabitants revert to more wholesome diversions. Sun worship, civilized sibling interaction, seashell procurement: these are the activities on Sunset's agenda. Why else would I drive four hours away from home just to play house? It ain't because of the flat as hell mattress I been riding all week. It's the scenery, the serenity, the seclusion that makes me forget how to even spell T-V.

Don't worry though; I'll be awash in flopsweat and apoplexy by late Tuesday. Wednesday, tops.


turdpolisher said...

Sounds like a fantastic place. But I think you head there to keep the glaring eyes off your better half and your progeny.

Enjoy the rest of your lack of activity. Wish it was that slow here.

crookedpaw said...

My quick visit yesterday was a real joy. I agree with you about this little slice of heaven nestled on the coast. The girls (all three) were a hoot. Somehow I had fogotten what a fox your bride is. Count me in again for next year. Careful going home, seeya, crookedpaw

Weaver said...

You've forgotten what you're missing here! UGH!

Wes Barrett said...

I'm counting down the days until the wife and I get away from DC for our week at the Carolina Coast. This post makes the end of the month seem too far away.

Anonymous said...

have a makers mark for me...and smoke a cigar while you are at it.

have fun stu.

jeff amernick

Miami Fan said...

You are a very lucky man Lenslinger.

You set a good example to all about enjoying and appreciating life.

Thanks for sharing.