Monday, June 23, 2008

Scrumshots of London

Desperate StretchThere's an awful lot to look at in this anatomy of a fracas, but be warned: If pretty British women throttling each other is your idea of a good time, you could be there awhile. When you get back, check out the lenslinging Londoners on the left: necks stretched, chins up, viewfinders down. That, my friend, is the Desperate Stretch, the Unavoidable Hoist, the Painful Crane. It's also the one camera-move I can't seem to pull off without a few, er, colorful utterances. Not these blokes; they're obviously pros, with two distinctly different techniques: Popeye on top goes with the standard two-handed heft, cradling the camera in his left palm while zooming out with the right. Dude's not even using the viewfinder! Meanwhile, guy in red mixes it up with a bent elbow approach, fingers splayed wide with the weight of his rig resting on a single thumb. That's moxie! I just hope he doesn't drop the damn thing as it might take the spotlight off the scrum surrounding Naomi Campbell. You heard me; these cats are bashing lenses and earning hernias over Naomi. Freakin'. Campbell...

Isn't that a sign of the apocalypse?


Duff said...

Is that a boom mic I see in there? News crews in movies and tv shows are always shown using a boom mic in addition to the classic stick, but I've never actually seen one in use for general news gathering. Fascinating.

in-gun-ear said...

Are you sure that is London and not TMZ in LA?

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's a boom mic. There are still some 2-person crews out there, especially in these types of situations.
This one's a classic cluster.
And you just see the video guys.
Stills ... God help them.
Though I think even a Brit would wilt in a classic New York-style pig-fuck.