Wednesday, June 25, 2008

From Gravitas to Grace (?)

Perhaps it ain't my place, but I want to wish Warren Savage all the luck that he can muster. A talented broadcaster, former Marine and lover of Jazz, Warren was once on top of the world. But then came a spectacular fall. I knew him years ago as a dashing young news anchor in Eastern North Carolina. Back then, Savage was The Man. Handsome and gregarious, he could chat up stunning coeds with the same savoir-faire he oozed on the evening news. When he took his natural born gravitas to Atlanta for a big market morning show gig, nobody was very surprised. A decade or so later however, he would stun everyone.

In 2005, Warren abruptly left his high profile anchor gig, leaving coworkers with a cryptic note that read in part: "A rapper once said, ’before I sell out, I get the hell out’. Since I’m more a musician than a rapper, I prefer to take a cue from the late, great Miles Davis, “if you don’t feel it, don’t play it.” Friends and rivals scratched their heads as Warren disappeared. Viewers wondered what ever became of the smooth newscaster. What no one seemed to realize at the time was that Warren Savage was in the grips of addiction. Soon, though, everybody would know.

Secretly facing a misdemeanor pot charge in a neighboring county, the ex-talking head became the focus of unwanted coverage when Forsyth County Sheriff deputies arrested him on felony Cocaine charges. The news of that arrest, along with the requisite mug shot, titillated those who knew his face from the Tee-Vee and dumbstruck those of us who thought they knew the man. In late 2006, Warren threw himself on the mercy of the Georgia court. To avoid prosecution he eagerly agreed to enter and finish 18 months of rigorous drug treatment. Monday night, he graduated from that program, briefly praised his Maker and took his struggle home.

Whatever awaits him there won’t be easy. But I for one am optimistic and look forward to the day this innate communicator can tell us where he’s been and why he's never going back. Godspeed, Warren.


crookedpaw said...

I remember this guy. He was silky smooth so it seemed. Never knew he was dealing with a demon. Lets hope he gets the monkey off his back.

turdpolisher said...

it's always th egood guys. the real ass-hats never get what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

I worked with Warren at WCTI and a friend worked with him at WSB. We both agree...very talented man, with a huge head.