Thursday, May 08, 2008

Vexed by Text

I've never met Eugene Shelton, but I know the world in which he shoots. Or at least, the one he used to. The WCTI-TV photog has been suspended by the station after Onslow County deputies arrested him for allegedly tipping off the target of a night club raid. According to competitors' reports, Shelton was among a number of media members brought into a police briefing prior to a pre-dawn raid on Club Mickey's. Heard telling co-workers he couldn't go, Shelton begged off the assignment - but not before he was seen texting on his cell phone. How authorities came to suspect Shelton dropped the high-tech dime is unknown, but after obtaining search warrants for his cell phone records, they charged him today with resisting, obstructing and delaying a police officer. Released on a $1,000 unsecured bond, the news photographer is no doubt trying to find a hole in which to crawl. This kinda hits home. Once upon a time, I was a young news shooter in that very area. I never tipped off the target of a raid, but I did other dumb stuff in the name of access, whim and revelry. Still, Shelton may want to review his photog field guide. I'm not sure exactly what it says about such insider trading - but I'm pretty sure it's listed on Page One...under DON'T.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but I bet he never has to stand in line whenever he wants to get his groove on.


Jami said...
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Justin said...

Search warrant says he had a side job shooting video for the adult biz. Lets hope, for the station's sake, that he used his own personal camera.

Anonymous said...

You should forward this to a certain Baton Rouge station...maybe they would appreciate turd instead of shutting him up. Since the demise of turdpolisher I stop in every once in a while for a dose of blogworld. You know at home I get the turd before it is polished (not near as funny). I have enjoyed your blog; now I see why everyone gets a woody when they talk about lenslinger. Thanks for the heads up (no pun intended) on how sexy a battery belt is to photogs...well, off to buy a battery belt.