Saturday, May 03, 2008

Turd, Interrupted

Portier in ReposeI’m still grappling with the fact that Rick Portier dismantled his blog. For over two years the Baton Rouge TV news photog has praised the righteous and excoriated the lame under the rank pseudonym, Turdpolisher. In that time he’s shown no quarter, skewering all that have passed through his Gulf Coast lens with equal venom - be they pimps, producers or any other form of poseur. That propensity for bluntness is common among our breed; while I tend to couch my derision in twenty dollar words, Rick will call a spade a $#&% shovel. It’s made for delightfully pungent reading and I considered myself a fan l-o-n-g before I struck up a friendship with the man. Which is why it pains me to report that Turdpolisher is on extended leave. The details why don’t matter as much; just know that it was of Rick’s own volition. That doesn't mean it was an easy decision, so while he concentrates on an off-line project and assesses his alter-ego, drop him a thought in the comments section below, would ya? Dude needs to know ALL those visitor clicks weren't just from me...


Duff said...

Damn, my daily drop-by led me to believe that there was a problem with Blogger. Well your adventures will be missed man, hope you drop in again sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Your blog was great. I hope we get the chance to read a few more stories including pookie and rayray and the nubian princess sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

I was worried too. I know Rick also. Used to work at the same station right before he came there. I check his blog everyday and wasnt sure what happend. Thats why I checked here also hoping you would have an answer. His blog will be missed and I hope he decided to bring it back. Not sure if he knows how many enjoyed it daily. I have told countless people about it and they are now fans also. He certainly has a gift.
I wish him luck and hope everything is ok with him
Chris Aaron
former WAFB photog

Anonymous said...

I can't flip TP too much shit for his sudden departure. I've done the same now. Do what you need to do, bro. I trust you'll be back when the smoke clears.

crookedpaw said...

Lookey here slick.....if you want to do a fade-away for a spell its fine by me. However, if you need me to round up some rednecks, pack in some heat, and head south to deal with some matters just say the word. I learned the way to Baton Rouge right after the big blow. Crookedpaw

Miami fan said...

If this decision to take an extended leave was his own...why dump the blog? Why not leave a simple message to the loyal readers about what happened instead of a complete tear down?

Love you 'slinger but I get the feeling this was not his decision but one made by someone else and forced upon him.

But I'm a cynic.

BluesDaddy said...

I can't say I enjoyed all the scatalogical salt in the posts Rick cooked up, but he sure has street cred to pull it off. His insights will be missed.

Oreo said...

Like duff, I thought something was wrong with Blogger. It's funny that the first thing I did was check here instead of pick up the phone to call, but you can bet that won't be far in the future. I hope the hiatus won't be long lived. Maybe it's just a writer's strike.

I guess I'll have to step up and help The Senator shoulder the load of Baton Rouge Blogging.

turdpolisher said...

thanks guys, as slinger says, it was totally my decision. suits started asking questions. then started objecting to a post or two.

i couldn't bear the thought of them going through the posts one by one looknig for something to offend them, so i took it down.

i still stand by every word i wrote. but if i gotta walk on eggshells or can't tell it my way, i ain't gonna do it.

the blogger formerly known as turd.

Anonymous said...

very sad
your blog will be missed
i hate to say it but we all live
in the shadow of the man
i wish i could post here and
comment on b-roll out in the open
but the costs are too high in such
a small business.

i hope you find a good outlet for
your creative energy outside of
work that benefits you and not
the man.

one of your many fans
punky cameraman

Miami fan said...

Thanx for the clarification TP.

So it is what I thought it might be. Suits!

I don't blame you for making the decision you did. And it's a fear many of us have about other blogs being gone because of pressure from those who employ us.

Take care man and we'll keep our hopes alive that you'll be back sometime, somewhere.

-AcesFull said...

Your blog was a great read for the "helmet-in-a-can" talking heads everywhere--it wasn't just for those who sling the lens. It sucks that the suits have the stick wedged tightly up their areses, but you gotta roll where the bread puts the bread on tha table.

Best to you, and yours, and drop a line to us in the poker world so we know you're ok (oh, and TP has never played poker with me).


photogguy said...

Turd, I had the same thing happen. It's funny how knowing the bosses read the blog can stifle the urge to blog.

It's a loss to all us photog writer-wanna-be's.


mangler said...


F4 Fan said...


Thanks for the stories - always good to go out on your terms, but it's also important to take care of the little t-polishers too.

I look forward to your future adventures - best of luck.

F4 Fan

Joey H said...

I'll miss it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn turd, your blog was always entertaining.

Stew, you ever get forced to do what the turd did with his blog, and I'll be flying all the way from Spokane to come picket your station.

C-line said...

Turd, you are a journalist...stand up for your first amendment rights! the turds....feeling constipated...please!!!!! if you need a new more undercover blog name try turd-down-the-tube. miss you!

Anonymous said...

free the turds

i second that ....

punky cameraman

Adam Butler said...

The suits need to take off that executive diaper and release the shit. This sucks. Same thing happened to Ken Corn, too. Sort of.

SoMissTV said...

Damn, man; that sucks. Rick, I've enjoyed your blog from afar for a couple of years. Hell, watching you deal with the baby-cams at your place tipped me off that they were going to all baby-cams at my local Raycom affiliate (they roll out next month).

I'll miss the blog greatly. Lens, don't shut yours down or I'll be up a creek. It's hard to find good photog reading material in south Mississippi.

Oreo said...

I thought that might be the case. Expect a call from me. I guess the truth hurts and someone's 'great idea' (half-screen grafix) couldn't stand up to the light of day. It's sad that instead of owning up to the blunder, they choose to silence the voice of the brand champion.

After all you're just trying to put out the best product to help your station stay on top. I guess they don't like making money.

Charles said...

I will miss reading the exploits of Pookie & Ray Ray.

Most of all I'll miss the honest reflections of a hard working man.

Funny how the suits like to talk about "freedomn of the press" then snuff out a spark of honest observations.

I also would have removed the blog down as Rick did. Blogs don't work if you need to be worried how every word will be examined in the ivory towers.

My responsibility to feeding my family comes first.

Chapeau to Rick and to all his turd polishing.

turdpolisher said...

thanks for all the well wishes guys. i'm really not bitter about it. i knew i'd piss off the wrong person soon or later. and a business has to protect its brand and all that stuff.

it was a good run. thanks to all who returned for every shitty morsel.

the commode ain't flushed me yet, but for now, its back to the sewer from whence i came.

the blogger formerly known as turd.

newshutr said...

Damn suits!! It's going to suck not having your special take on things. Your blog was a daily trip for me...well, when I could get to my computer.

I'd go anonymous blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the great run. It was fun to read, and I hope your other projects turn out as well.
Til the steam clears off,

Anonymous said...

Now who can we turn to to wax poetic the goings on at the station?!

All this after I introduce you to Pookey too...he always causes trouble!

miss ya! you will always be my turd!

-The Nubian Princess

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess this will give you more time with the sperm thirsty woman. Gotta look at the bright side of the situation. You're the man brotha. xray ted

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with the lovely Miss C-line...stand up for your first amendment rights, and stand by the flag! You're too damned good to let it all go down the craphole.
We your readers/fans have come to know not only you and your cohorts-in-crime, but you've damn near adopted us as members of your family: Mrs Gail's tolerance and support for your antics, the little munchers' wrestling and music exploits, and even your trip to the doctor to get big jim and the twins whipped back into shape!
In a nutshell (with apologies to Belushi in Animal House), are we gonna let the germans bomb Pearl Harbor? Hell no!
Think about it and get back with your fans from across Baton Rouge and across the world. Over.

Colonel Henry Johnson (retired)

Ben Craword said...


Have loved your blog since Tim Tandy (Ellen's dad) pointed me your way several years back. My first thought was web site issues ( I work in IT, so it didn't seem implausible), then the next thought was someone threatened your existence and livlihood. It's a damned shame, because we get the news, but most of us want the rest of the story.

Rick, you gave that to us in a way that we never could get any where else. And why can't we have it that way. This country was founded on those fundamental rights that so many have given their lives to and for.

I hope you a another form or wrapping.

An admirer of turdpolishing,

Ben Crawford
Arlington, VA

Ben Crawford said...

Sorry screwed up spelling my own name...

E's mom said...


I originally found your blog when you did the story on my boy (which btw I am having framed with pics from that magical day) but I came back b/c I loved your writing. As a would-be writer myself, I really appreciate honesty and integrity in the written word. Too many people seem to try so hard to impress that they generally leave readers either swimming in a sea of footlong words or wishing they had those last few minutes of their life back. You did neither and in writing so openly, you drew your readers in and had us nodding along with you. You may be a photographer by trade, but you have a writer's heart. You're an artist, and you shouldn't let other people dictate the terms of your creativity. That being said, I know everyone needs a paycheck, so I understand. But you're still my favorite photographer/writer! If this doesn't make you bring back the blog, I hope it at least makes you smile!