Thursday, May 01, 2008

Suddenly Stephanie

Stephanie Bourland and babyOne of the few highlights of last week's Bill Clinton debacle was this fugitive sighting. Stephanie Bourland, once an El Ocho anchor and reporter, left the newsroom years ago to pursue some form of normalcy. At first she did the corporate thing, but after having her first child she got really smart and now passes the time as a full time Mommy. What a far cry from our time together, when we trudged through meetings, murders and mudslides - all in the name of the daily deadline. You know, since Steph left I don't think I've eaten at a single Panera's - or any other House of Estrogen where they want to serve me half a sandwich or soup in a bowl made of soggy bread. Anyhoo, it was good to see her last week - even if she did insist on doing a leisurely victory lap around our antiquated sat truck. As for the little one, she was suitably cute and already smart enough to fear all the furry photogs vying for her attention. I'm guessing her mom clued her in...

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