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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pioneer in Pink

The CP16, the battery belt, that dour expression ... she's like Janis Joplin with a lens. But who is she really? Why, I think it's Cyndy Green, visual journalist, educator and chief lifeforce behind the site VideoJournalism. These days, Cyndy teaches high school students, but back in the 70's she was a lady lenslinger of the pioneer variety. That's why I believe the photo she attached to an illuminating post on the origins of a certain broadcast term is none other than Cyndy herself. Otherwise, it's some other scrappy temptress who proved electronic newsgathering wasn't just for the fellas - all while I was wearing a groove on my little league bench. Now go check out her blog and while you're there, be sure and bow down to the power that is a heavily-armed she-slinger. I'd join you but, well ... I'm a little too turned-on right now.


Horonto said...

Just looking at the 30 volt battery belt makes my back ache.

You go girl!

She's a great example for women wanting to get into the male dominated area of camerawomen/men.

Angela Grant said...

She-slinger. That's very clever.

cyndy green said...

I've been called broadcast bitch, camerachick, but never ever scrappy temptress - but I sure could get used to it.
Fortunately I was enough of a hippy to keep the belt up, even notched to the tightest setting. As a former high school tuba player, I still had the muscles and shoulder to take on a hefty camera...and the only way I could keep up with the guys in a gang-bang was to kick my way into the front where everyone could see over me.
That photo was taken back in the day when you could do a man's job, but you better look feminine. Yep - that is me and I sure wish I'd kept that body and that hair.