Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Joe Dirt's Photog

I don't know what I like better: the patriotic doo-rag, the Unabomber hoodie, or the fact that dude had pioneered a whole new way to cradle a circa-1984 camcorder. Either way, my forearm cramps just lookin' at him. Much love to Weaver for taking note of this cat at a recent Obama rally and alerting me to the resulting photo. Ya know, the first Presidential campaign of the YouTube era has brought out lenslingers of every stripe, from the newspaper yak with the baked-potato-cam to the college kid with the Radio Shack endowment to Captain Knievel here. Though it's crowded the camera risers a bit, the quality of people watching has never been higher. I just have one question: Where's this guy gettin' his VHS tapes?

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