Thursday, April 03, 2008

They Killed Kenny!

Kenny Tased
Okay, so they only tased him. Still, you gotta give it up for El Ocho photojournalist Kenny Cravens, who willingly submitted to a Forsyth County zapping today - all in the name of local television. Not only did he take it like a man, but the photog known as Bluedog did so without the first curse - or any of the melodrama I've seen from other volunteer shock-ees. The resulting footage is the kind of G-Rated Torture Porn you won't find at your local Cineplex. Funny thing is, Kenny wasn't even on my list of 'Co-Workers I'd Like To See Probed With an Electro-Shock Weapon'. Yeah, I got a list. Like YOU don't. Pfft...


Kenny . said...

Also being named Kenny, I can feel his pain as folks always saying "They Killed Kenny" to us.

However in this case it was a good use of the south Park catch phrase. Good Job Mr Slinger!

dara said...

i'd like to see that list ;)