Thursday, January 03, 2008

Plunder the Tundra

I post this story not because it’s all that good, but because it’s so typical of what I do. Every day that I can, I work alone - and not just because I’m anti-social. Rather, I enjoy the challenge of shooting, writing and editing my own stories. It’s rarely easy. On days I shoot well, I might not edit worth a flip. On days my editing sings, I find I kan’t write real good. Occasionally, all three disciplines will fall into place and I’ll walk away at the end of the day beaming like a new Dad. Yesterday, wasn’t one of those days. My video was pretty humdrum, I wrote the script while eavesdropping on a co-worker and I edited the damn thing in about 45 minutes. If anything, the dude with the walrus moustache saved me.

I read lots of blogs. One of my favorites is News Videographer: a comprehensive sight that deconstructs on-line video. Helmed by the talented Angela Grant, the contributors wrangle daily with the techniques and issues surrounding this emerging media. TV News, it ain’t. But the many points raised by Grant and others relate directly to the kind of lens-centered photojournalism I’ve attempted for so many moons now. However, newspaper people and TV geeks rarely get along. Silly, I know - but the fact of the matter is the news breed of on-line video folk have little use for an old media dinosaur like myself. While I don’t expect to fully free myself of this primordial news, I’d like the chance to at least explain how we do it on my side of the tar pits. Thus, this linked feature, with an arithmetic lesson to boot.
320 mile round trip: Who cares? It’s on Rupert.
Backyard Burger combo: $6.25, on me.
Being left alone ALL DAY: Priceless


turdpolisher said...

That looks cold as hell. It's sunny and 54 in the swamp state, and some folks are still bitchin'.

Anonymous said...

blowd away .... love that.

by the way your florida resident was full of it .... we had a bad freeze here yesterday.

but it will be 80 here tomorrow.


Ste said...

your damn right about tv geeks and newspapers dont get on at all. Im a photojournalist in the UK and dont get on with the news. Im doing a thesis on propaganda through the news, interesting. I also love working on my own in these conditions, gives a sense of adventure i suppose. :)


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