Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Abysmal Lensman

( In Theaters March 15th) In an unlikely follow up to Borat, Sacha Cohen stars in the gritty biopic of Ivan Slorgski, the Cosmonaut Photog thought to have botched several of his nation's greatest missions. A pariah in his homeland, 'Slorg' is blamed for over-exposing key footage of a covert Russian moon landing in May of 1968, fourteen months before NASA technicians filmed their own version on a Hollywood soundstage. The former dirt farmer also earned his nation's wrath when he double-punched the 'Record' button during a top secret 1974 mission to the undiscovered wreckage of the RMS Titanic. (Daniel Day Lewis gives a career ending performance as the Russian sub commander who goes ballistic after showing his superiors footage of his hapless assistant scratching his crotch.) Tragically, Slorgski somewhat redeemed himself after being exiled to Siberia, where he briefly moved in with a family of polar bears and inadvertently filmed his own death. Out of focus. [ Rated R ]


Duff said...

Sounds like a good time to me, sign me up!

mangler said...

over exposure it def an easy thing to achieve with those old k3's.. even tricky to load 'em.

Oreo said...

Man, I think I might have nightmares now! I've alread been having dreams with the upheaval at our station. We've switched to NLE's and P2 at the same time.