Saturday, November 10, 2007

Needling Weezie

Profiling Wheezy
He’s no catatonic topcat, but Weezie the Red Tailed Boa saved my bacon Wednesday by sparing my jugular and taking his medicine. Ever since I turned a story on monkey acupuncture at the North Carolina Zoo a few weeks back, the suits have been wanting me to twist up somethin' for the November Sweeps period. Trouble is it kept slithering from my mind. Before I knew it, the story’s time-slot was forty-eight hours out and I’d yet to set the damn thing up. Frantic phone tag followed. A day later, I rose early and shot to Raleigh, where Dr. Christine Eckermann-Ross poked holes in felines, hares and asps - all while delivering the appropriate commentary. Suh-WEET! No longer surprised where I find myself, I swung my glass and acted fascinated, until every critter on the premises was comfortably numb. The piece was no buzzkill, either.

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