Friday, October 05, 2007

Photog Hobbles Jock

Here's hoping the cameraman who careened into New York Yankee Doug Mientkiewicz has already found another gig. Seems the Cleveland freelancer was doing the one-eyed backstep up a Jacobs Field ramp on Thursday, when he came into unplanned contact with a certain first baseman's ankle. Said balljoint did roll and now Mientkiewicz is iffy in the heroic poses department. Now, unankling a base-stealing Yankee is enough to get the average photog shot, so perhaps we should be grateful the unidentified shooter was only canned - and not made to sleep wif da fishes. As for the injury-prone Mientkiewicz, he's no doubt back in the dugout - keeping his eyes peeled for any incoming cameraman and hopefully saving his money to buy a few vowels. Play Ball!

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